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Fiber Cabling Oakland

fiber-cabling-installation-oaklandFiber optic cable is one of the newest options for transporting data between computers, televisions and other devices. Fiber optic cables are made of of small strands of either plastic or glass, which is able to transport data streams faster than standard copper cables. Because the cable format is so new, it does require you to install an entire new system in your place of business, but after the initial installation fee, you are sure to approve of the increased data transfer rates over your older cabling options. This is especially the case when living in Oakland, California.

Fiber cabling Oakland allows you to transfer data at improved speeds. If you have a large company, this is especially important. Most companies rely on a computer network in order to share information between computers. This is helpful, as it is possible to gain access to data, regardless of what computer you are on, as long as it is hooked up to the network. However, for larger files, it takes a considerable amount of time to open the files, once the information has been saved to the network drive. With fiber cabling, this is no longer the case, as the data transfers directly to the computer, without the long wait periods. For companies that produce video content, or other data files that are extremely large, this improvement of speed is vital, and set it ahead of other companies that provide the same product. In the world of business, time is money, and the more time you save thanks to a fiber optic cabling system, the better.

Because fiber optic cables are made up of glass or plastic, the data beams through the cables via light. Light is far superior in speed than the standard electrical signal found in copper cables. This is why the data is able to transfer at a rapid pace. Additionally, fiber optical cabling is more durable than copper. Fiber optics don’t bend as copper wire does, so the data signal is always flowing at full capacity. This is not always the case with copper cables, as the soft metal bends easily, causing either a slow down, or a complete disconnection between the two devices connected to the copper wire.

When considering a fiber optics cable installation company, you need to select a company that not only is able to fit your needs, but is available when you need the company. You don’t want to wait months just for the cable installation process. Additional, you want a company that is available to service the fiber cables, after the equipment is installed, should an issue ever arise with the equipment. Fiber cabling Oakland areas is able to rely on Network Cabling X, as it is directly based out of Los Angeles. The California based company offers fiber optic cable installations throughout the state, and is able to service your company needs when you need them, without having to wait a long period of time, which may set your company back.