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Your Business’s Circulatory System Is It’s Network Cabling Oakland

network-cabling-oaklandIn this challenging economic climate, Oakland businesses are keeping an eye on the edge. Many are running staff at max capacity for fear of adding too many more people. With staff maxed out, the last thing you need is problems with your computer network.

If information is the life’s blood of your business, carrying essential nutrients to your vital employees, your network is its system of veins – its circulatory system. When the veins fail, the body fails. Keeping an eye on your network cabling Oakland is as important as keeping an eye on your competitors, but many businesses aren’t thinking about it.

Your network connects all your computing hardware – servers, websites, data entry locations, warehouses, design centers, etc. – together. In some cases the voice network is separate from the computer network, but increasingly the two operate on the same infrastructure. Although some offices have wireless networks, the core – the veins – of almost all business networks is cabling.



The cable or “wire” that carries your information has a huge effect on your business. The speed of the wire, the arrangement of the wire and the types of connection all affect your business’s “blood flow.”

As many people know, the speed of communication depends on the “wire” itself. Although many people still call the cable a “wire,” most new cable isn’t composed of metal wire. Metal wire, typically made from copper, transmits information by the motion of electrons. Fiber-optic cable, developed in the last few decades, carries information as light.

Light moves a lot faster than electricity so, increasingly, computers are connected by fiber optic cable. Fiber optic cable is not only faster, it’s wider – it has more bandwidth – so it can move much larger volumes of information in a shorter time. Fiber optic material dramatically speeds up voice and data communications around the office, and that great. But for the graphic imagery use in today’s websites, that additional bandwidth is critical.

Many businesses have network cabling lying hither and thither across floors, draped over cubical walls, piled under desks, and in all other manner of disarray. While this may work for small businesses with multitasking professionals serving as their main technician, as the business grows, this type of wire management creates increasing problems.

In a small business with all the gear in one room and a single server, it’s not too difficult to find problems as they occur. But as your pile of wire grows, the headaches and time required to address problems explodes. Suddenly, a problem that was small before leads to big down time. Only a few years ago, businesses could, in a pinch, operate without network access for a bit. But with applications and information moving to off-site servers (into the infamous “cloud”) downtime means everyone is sitting around waiting for the network to be restored. Downtime has become very expensive.

Another drawback of the wire pile is the number of users affected during downtime. Even when you can still isolate a problem quickly, sorting through and disentangling the relevant pathways can force you to bring some users down unnecessarily. This adds to the overall downtime of incidents.

A final issue with the wire pile is the potential for electrical interference. Because it is deposited without thought to the presence of other electrical items, it risks interference from those items. That interference can cause slowdowns or breakdowns in all or part of your network, depending on what is affected.

The wire and its arrangement are, of course, key components of your business’s circulatory system. Bu there is one last critical element: the connections.

Every connection represents an opportunity for system failure, so they should be taken seriously. A sound circulatory system utilizes a single style of connector and keeps spares on hand. When the inevitable “snap!” happens, you know you have the right materials on hand to fix it.

With these issues in mind, it’s easy to see why it’s important to get your business’s circulatory system properly installed from the start. Getting a plan, organizing the right materials and properly installing those materials ensure that your life’s blood will keep flowing. It ensures that problems can be isolated and repaired with minimal downtime. And it ensures that, when it’s time to grow, your well designed network can be adapted much more quickly and economically to your growth than can a higgledy-piggledy layout.

If the discussion above has got you a little worried, that’s a good thing. It’s time to take a look at your network cabling Oakland and ask yourself if it really positions your business where your business should be: protected from down time and poised for growth. If the answer is no – particularly if your network has you constantly on the brink of mayhem – then it’s time to make a move.

So your next question is, undoubtedly, how will I find a reliable Oakland network cabling installation Company? There are many issues to consider, but a few of the most important ones are your providers’ capacity, skill level, reliability, and growth potential.

The capacity a potential provider has is an important consideration. When you think about capacity, remember that capacity provides them not only with the resources to do large jobs, but also with the resources to respond to and correct problems quickly.

Another critical consideration is skills. Remember, you’re looking for a provider that will not only install your system, but keep you up to date on potential improvements that keep your system running smooth.

A critical component for any business partner is reliability. When you seek a contractor for network installation, do they provide customer testimonials or, better yet, a direct reference from a current customer?

Finally, and equally important, you want to look for a successful company that wants to grow. If they don’t grow with you, you may need to change providers later – a real hassle.

When you’ve decided on a provider, you’ll also need to decide what kind of network you want. While wireless systems have many conveniences, these systems can be vulnerable and insecure. Cabled systems, while requiring more effort to enlarge, provide more robust security.

Without a doubt, network cables are the veins of your business. Don’t ignore them. If you need an Oakland network cabling company to help you speed up your network and reduce the risk of costly downtime, the time to start looking is yesterday.